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workshops/classes among animals - Kaskada


July 24, 2023



§ 1. Definitions

The following terms used in the Regulations have the following definitions:

a) "Teren" - an area intended for rest and play for children of Guests, where there are: forest, animals (including dogs, horses, camels), banquet hall, playground, pond with a beach, tents. The site is located in Łódź at 299 Strykowska Street, (91-531 Łódź);

b) "Parent/Guardian" - means any natural person who has legal custody of a child, over 18 years of age, or  and has full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which the law grants legal capacity, and which concludes a contract with the owner;

c) "Host/Owner" - "YY HORSE" Limited Liability Company with its registered office in Łódź, ul. Strykowska 299 91-531 Łódź, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, XX Commercial Division of the National Court Register, NIP: 7262667743 KRS: 0000688704;

d) "Agreement" - means an agreement for the provision of child care services and stay in the area on the detailed terms specified in the agreement, the Agreement is concluded between the Host/owners and the Parent;

e) "Website" - a website located at;


§ 2 General information



  1. Before entering the Premises, parents or guardians are required to read these regulations.

  2. We do not bring our own pets (e.g. dogs, cats)

  3. The full schedule of classes is available on the

  4. The Host is not responsible for items left or lost on the Premises.

  5. Please report any damage or destruction on Terna immediately to the staff. 

  6. There is an absolute ban on smoking and consumption of alcohol and other drugs on the premises.

  7. Almost the entire area is monitored. 

§ 3 Child


  1. The parent/guardian is obliged to apply a cream adequate to the conditions prevailing outside (summer cream with UV 50 filter - waterproof, winter - winter cream). Subsequent lubrication is agreed with the parent individually 

  2. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather outside. Or bring extra clothes and shoes with you. If it is raining, please make sure your child has appropriate rain gear (jacket, trousers, rain boots). Plus a change of clothes.

  3. All activities take place outdoors. Children have access to a roofed, sheltered from the wind gazebo or tent. In the winter, we provide a tent with a fireplace. 

  4. The child will get dirty and may damage clothes or shoes.

  5. There is a bathroom with shower and toilet located in the stable. 

  6. During their stay in the Premises, the child is exposed to insect bites, as well as abrasions, bruises, etc. resulting from the natural way of exploring the environment. 

  7. We recommend spraying the top layer with the Bross tick preparation - this is a special preparation ONLY for clothes, it works for up to two weeks. Do not spray clothes indoors. Alternatively, a skin preparation for children, e.g. Moskito guard - please only read the instructions for use of these preparations for children. 

  8. In the event of any difficulties in the child's behavior, the parent is obliged to solve the problems using the method agreed together with the staff. Failure to cooperate with problems with the child results in termination of the contract. 


§ 4 Safety on the premises


  1. The terrain consists of an area where different animals live. Animals are fenced with white posts or low-voltage lines. Please do not touch the white posts and lines. Children will be informed of these rules. We do not feed animals - there will be such an option during classes.

  2. Area employees supervise and control over the correct use of the attractions in the Area in accordance with the safety rules. 

  3. We do not destroy property. The parent or legal guardian of the child is solely responsible for any damage to property or person caused by the child.

  4. Out of concern for children's health, it is forbidden for children who are carriers of infectious diseases, viral and bacterial infections to stay on the Premises. Staff working on a given day may refuse entry to the Premises to persons with visible signs of infection. 

  5. We eat meals only in a designated place. 

  6. Children or parents who are aggressive or do not comply with the staff's recommendations or the regulations will be asked to leave the area immediately. 

  7. We do not hit or pull the tail/ear of any animals. 

  8. We keep calm among animals, we do not scare, we do not scare, we do not throw stones at animals. We do not force animals. 

  9. We do not bathe in the pond. 


§ 5 Reservations and fees


  1. Staying in the area and using the workshops is payable. Admission for parents/guardians is free. One parent/guardian is allowed per child. Prices are charged according to the accepted price list.

  2. Reservations are required due to availability. Reservations can be made via the website (, email:, phone: +48 603 580 587

  3. Due to weather conditions or unforeseen random events, classes may be canceled or postponed, which parents will be informed about. 

  4. If an advance payment has been made or the entire course fee has been paid, it is possible to return it 24 hours before the class. Please send information to the phone number +48 603 580 587

  5. The regulations are valid indefinitely.

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