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warsztaty dla dzieci, zajęcia dla dzieci, zajęcia dla dzieci ze zwierzętami, warsztaty dla dzieci Łódź, Hobby Horse, Hobby Horse Łódź

Forest workshops and dances among animals    

we love to get dirty | develop | learn through play | smile | support | dance

A paradise on earth
for the kids

Good morning sweethearts!

   Kasia and Patryk here. We are happy parents of two daughters, Kornelia and Klara, and owners of several dozen animals. Since 2013,  together we have been creating extraordinary projects. Starting with breeding horses, running a boarding house for them, visiting children in Łódź hospitals with the smallest stallion in the world - entered into GUINNESS BOOKS OF RECORDS 2020 and in 2023 entered as"Animal Hero" to the book,  in recent years, we have created Glamping among animals, and now we are creating creative workshops for the youngest. And everything revolves around these wonderful creatures. 


   In a huge, fenced and closed area, we have various typesour pets (including a camel - Stefan, a donkey - Robert, dogs - Sunny, Maja, 50 trout, 30 silver carp, 20 mussels, several dozen horses - of various breeds and colors, pony Bombel - the smallest stallion in the world)  and those that regularly visit us from the nearby forests (e.g. squirrels, roe deer, lizards, praying mantises, frogs). There is on the premisesforest, pond with beach, style playgroundMontessori with mud kitchen, waterfall, large blocks, balance beams and other things for creative and safe play.  

Our resort is closed, we care about the safety of our pets and guests who visit us. To make everyone feel safe. 

what we offer for your

- Constant access to fresh air.

- Creative workshops among animals and nature,conducted in Polish and English. 

- Learning through play, we put emphasis on learning letters and numbers.

- Daily responsibility for animals (feeding horses, camels, fish, combing, cleaning, participating in the blacksmith's visit, veterinarian and other grooming activities)

- Watching nature (e.g. the birth of foals) - watching their care.

- Taking care of, planting, watering vegetable and fruit gardens - and of course consuming your own harvest.

- Getting to know the nature that surrounds us.

- Observing the smallest animals, such as ants, butterflies and other beautiful insects - creative sets of a young explorer.

- Bonfires on the beach.

- Painting on wood. 

- Building a hut.

- Fun in the largest sandbox.

- Sandcastle competitions.

- Stalking. 

- Creative playground, incl. mud kitchen. 

- A large dose of knowledge about animals. 

- Fun with Hobby Horse, we have safe obstacles :)

- and a lot more...

P.S. Kasia loves to photograph and film animals and people with her phone, she is happy to share her knowledge with the youngest (most of the photos/videos on the pages are her authorship). In addition, through her experience in learning abroad, she wants children to have a lot of creative activities that will allow them to develop and gain experience. She puts a lot of emphasis on mathematics and foreign languages :) She is already planning and slowly preparing her daughters to travel and explore the world. Kasia, together with Patryk, create a friendly place for people and animals, and in the back of their minds everything they do (a playground or interesting games) they do for their daughters to give them a place for the best development. 


Classes are held in in English and Polish. 

Each child has the following utensils at their disposal:

- a set of a small explorer (for observing the smallest creatures),

- binoculars,

- a set of a small gardener,

- equipment to help with caring for animals (mini wheelbarrow, rakes, etc.),

- Hobbies of Horsa, stable for HB and obstacles.

and many other creative sets. 

WHAT YOUR CHILD might NEED during classes - please contact us for the purposeconfirmation:

- rain boots,

- a pair of covered sports shoes,

- a pair of sandals,

- flip-flops,

- rain and windproof clothing (jacket + trousers),

- clothes with long sleeves (sweatshirt + long pants) - to change,

- light clothing (t-shirt + shorts + panties + socks) - to change 

- swimsuit,

- towel + possibly body wash

- cream with filter


Yes, so much, but we love to get dirty and so do kids.  


A few words...

   Kasia, a great traveler from an early age, has traveled the length and breadth of the world. She has lived on different continents. She graduated from high school in the USA, studied in Portugal, and completed her MBA studies at one of the prestigious universities in London. He has a head full of ideas and loves new projects.


    Patryk, the most positive person, loves challenges and always approaches them with a smile on his face. She infects with her positive energy and approach to the world. Their love for animals brought them together. And so, since 2013, with heads full of ideas, they have been creating projects together, they do not like boredom. They love to take care of and help people, they will listen to everyone and help if possible. Animals and caring for them taught Kasia and Patryk to discover many values:

- responsibility,

- empathy,

- organization,

- taking care of order - farm-style,

- patience - we're still learning :)


- understanding nature,

- perceptiveness,

- drawing conclusions,

- efficient planning and operation.

You can get to know and see all these features by visiting NAS. 

Kasia and Patryk stay on site and look after everything personally.


   Our team consists of people full of passion, positive attitude towards the world, full of smile, kindness and culture. Kasia cares about their development and welfare. People who work with us love to be here, work is a pleasure for them. We all have a positive attitude towards other people and animals. 

   We have people on the premises who have a first aid course. 


Development | Empathy 

We created this completely ourselves place in the center of Poland - in Lodz (in the Lodz Hills Landscape Park) where nature is at your fingertips. We give children the greatest possible development.  Everything takes place in nature.

warsztaty dla dzieci.jpg

Weekendowe warsztaty

Zajęcia wśród wśród zwierząt, opieka nad nimi, poznawanie ich zwyczajów, zabawy sensoryczne, taniec, zabawa


Spotkanie z najmniejszym ogieram świata

Bombel wpisany jest do Księgi Rekordów Guinnessa 2020 - jako najmniejszy ogier świata oraz w 2023 jako - "Local Hero" - odwiedza dzieci w szpitalach


Wakacyjne warsztaty

Warsztaty w tygodniu podczas wakacji. Kreatywne zajęcia ruchowe, zabawy na Hobby Horse - posiadamy bezpieczne przeszkody do skoków.


Leśne przedszkole

Rekrutacja do leśnego przedszkola wśród zwierząt. Całodniowy pobyt dzieci na zewnątrz wśród zwierząt, codzienna opieka nad nimi, zabawa poprzez naukę - wkrótce.

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